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Janico Bio Company (JNBC surl) is a private company that works and focuses on environmental protection. We transform agricultural waste into biochar.


We envision the world especially in the parts of Sub Saharan Africa, where people use biochar as source of soil fertility and environmental protection, they have access to biochar for environmental protection and sustainable development.

More about the vision

According to several reports, the greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon, which results from the presence in the atmosphere of gases absorbing thermal infrared radiation emitted by terrestrial surfaces, and without which the average temperature of the globe would be around -18° C instead of +15° C. This is the observation, at the beginning of the 1970s, of a notable increase in the concentration of certain of these greenhouse gases (GHG), in obvious link with anthropogenic activity, which has led to consider the possibility of climate change through the induced strengthening of this greenhouse effect. At the forefront of these gases is carbon dioxide (CO2, commonly called carbon dioxide), the current level of which is around 380 parts per million (ppm), compared to 260 in pre-industrial times, and which is expected to reach 450 to 1000 parts. per million (ppm) at the end of the century, following the evolution of energy policies. So, to provide a sustainable solution to these climate change challenges, JNBC surl has chosen to produce biochar which allows carbon to be removed from the atmosphere for hundreds of years; the carbon captured by plants during photosynthesis is transformed by pyrolysis into a solid and stable form which prevents it from returning to the atmosphere, thus helping to combat global warming. Due to all above-mentioned problems, JNBC’s vision was born.


We, JNBC SURL, promote the Green economy in Burundi through a circular economy which consists of transforming agricultural waste into biochar.

More about the mission

By the end of the century, models predict atmospheric CO2 concentrations of between 540 and 970 parts per million (ppm), compared with a concentration before the industrial revolution of 280 ppm and a current concentration of around 380 ppm. Our mission since we started to work from November 2022 was about making sure that agricultural waste is collected for being transformed into biochar. So, we work with local, vulnerable communities and young people who have not had the opportunity to attend school and who do not have decent work by offering them work opportunities by collecting agricultural leftovers from their fields as raw materials in exchange for a good salary. We are also partnering with other organizations and institutions to ensure sustainable solutions to earth pollution and climate change in Burundi.


  1. 864000 kg of agricultural waste recycled.
  2. 20000 tons of biochar
  3. At least, 4500060000 tons of carbon credit produced.
  4. 9 jobs are created.

     –7 fulltime employees

      – 2 path time employee

5.  Local farmers use our Product


We are transforming agricultural waste into biochar.

Our biochar is used by local farmers. Biochar significantly improves soil fertility. Mixed with soil, it acts as a catalyst for soil metabolism which improves nutrient and water retention, the development of mycorrhizal fungi and the pH of acidic soils. But above all, this soil amendment can, in a single definitive application, very significantly increase crop yields, particularly on degraded soils (from +20% to +200%). Biochar also allows carbon to be removed from the atmosphere for hundreds of years. The carbon captured by plants during photosynthesis is transformed by pyrolysis into a solid and stable form which prevents it from returning to the atmosphere, thus helping to combat global warming.

But we hope to produce more biochar to satisfy local farmers.

Our product is the alternative to fertilizers for environmental protection.


JANICO BIO COMPANY(JNBC surl) is an eco-friendly Organization. We are dedicated to protect environment by providing innovative, green and sustainable solutions.

Eco-friendly solutions

By treating agricultural waste as the raw material of our products, we provide biochar as we are fighting against the emission of CO2 in the air.

Waste management

We work in the way of promoting the recycling of agricultural waste for our society but also to support waste management institutions.

Fighting against earth pollution

Based on own raw material, we are providing biochar which removes carbon dioxide for many more years (100-1000years).

Fighting against climate change

We work in a promotion of climate resilience through using biochar in the soil made from waste.

Job opportunities

Through circular economy, we are creating so many jobs especially for graduates young people, women, marginalized and indigenous communities.


Dr NIRAGIRA Juste, is a young entrepreneur who studied at Shandong University in China.

 The idea of ​​creating JANICO BIO COMPANY (JNBC surl) came to him during his trip to China where he witnessed the advanced protection of the environment through circular economy.

 In the constant search of implementing his vision, He definitely came up with a sustainable idea of producing biochar made from agricultural waste.

In November 2022, his dream came a reality. He founded JANICO BIO COMPANY (JNBC surl) an initiative which is beneficial to the entire community by tackling environmental issues, adding value to agricultural waste and creating jobs opportunities for unemployed youth in Burundi.

 Our goal and target is to see every Burundian household with access to biochar and using affordable and available biochar for soil fertility.



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